Hello, tens of loyal readers, several family members, and those of you who accidentally clicked the wrong link!  

Welcome to my blog.  Since this is my first post, I wanted to quickly introduce myself and let you know what to expect, just in case you want to visit us online from time to time.  I’m Devon Weaver, the proud owner of two small businesses, devonispale.com and Eighty Orchard Publishing.

If you need a break from social media, this blog is a great place to start.  So, stick around.  Get comfortable.  Prepare yourself for the treadmill of sarcasm and dry humor…but also lots of honesty, stories (some interesting but some boring ones, too), and of course, some nuggets of knowledge you can actually use to improve your life.

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On behalf of melanin-deficient folks everywhere, let me personally thank you for stopping by.  If you need me, shoot a note to the email address below.